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Yet another Ruskin Bond illustrated! ­čÖé In fact, the first of a series of eight books and more with Puffin.

Cover design by Aparajita Ninan.


RuskinBond_02 RuskinBond_08 RuskinBond_07 RuskinBond_06 RuskinBond_05 RuskinBond_04 RuskinBond_03



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A bunch of Ruskin Bond books underwent some re-jacketing at Rupa. And I got to work on the cover illustrations for 3 of them. Two of them appear below while the third one is yet to be printed. I love the way the colors have turned out, and the emboss on the author’s name ­čÖé Both these were entirely digital art.

GreatStories_01 GreatStories_02 Laughter-Omnibus

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Another Ruskin Bond book I illustrated for Red Turtle – Rupa’s children’s book imprint. Its a collection of very entertaining short stories that feature ghosts, animals, children, etc.

For this book I tried watercolor oil pastels for the first time. Yeah, it sounded oxymoronic to me too when I first read about it on Pia Meenakshi’s very helpful blog… but they do exist, and they work! ­čÖé

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Another Ruskin Bond classic for kids from Rupa’s┬áRed Turtle. This one is about a brave little girl who faces the┬áfury of a flooding river. Its a story about courage and friendship. These illustrations are digitally recolored ink-washes. A technique I used for the very first time, and I’m very┬ápleasantly┬ásurprised with the results! ­čÖé I love the fact that Ruskin Bond’s stories give me so much opportunity to draw trees, plants, birds and animals and a lot of pretty (and scary) things in nature.

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Copies of the books I illustrated for Rupa’s Red Turtle ┬ácame in the mail today! And its such a rush to hold the book in my hands and flip through pages that carry my illustrations on them! Here are some pics from Ruskin Bond’s classic for children – ‘The Blue Umbrella’.┬áThese were illustrated digitally, and I thoroughly enjoyed working on all three Ruskin Bond books with Red Turtle. Yes, there are 2 more. ­čÖé

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