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Orange Lemonade

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One bored evening… a White Cheeked Barbet came and sat on a blue page in my sketchbook. There are so many of these living around my home.

Camel dry pastels and white glass marker for the thin white lines.


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Reconnecting with glass markers now, so long after art college, and its so fun! Thanks to the kind gentleman at Bhaskar Arts Centre for suggesting the white rotring – its made my day!

Black & white glass markers with white rotring highlights.


After ages I got to spend some time with my sketchbook, and here are a few pages from it. Two of these are going onto sketchbook covers, and will be available for sale at the Manta Ray store at Comic Con this weekend 🙂

Medusaw_lowres Orange-you-the-one-lowres ravens_lowres

I can only attempt sketching her when she’s sleeping. My 3.5 month old all-claws-and-teeth monster gift-wrapped in cuteness.