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Latest book project with Red Turtle. A twist in the tale is a compilation of 50 winning stories written by children as part of the iGenius Young Authors Hunt sponsored by Max Life Insurance. I, along with the awesome Priya Kuriyan got to illustrate some wild/hilarious/crazily imaginative stories. This below is the branding-and-logo-laden cover that finally got approved ;D And at the very end is an alternate cover option that got rejected.

Cover01 MaxLifeYAH01 MaxLifeYAH02 MaxLifeYAH03 MaxLifeYAH04 MaxLifeYAH05 MaxLifeYAH06 MaxLifeYAH07 MaxLifeYAH08FrontCover01

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A couple of cycling tees I did last year for Procycle. I made 2 color options for the ‘linocut’ print – I think the colored one was the one that made it finally.

bikernaut linocut01 linocut02 linocut01_tee Bikernaut_tee

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Three jigsaw puzzles I’d illustrated at the start of this year – one African Safari, one Indian Jungle and one Tropical Jungle. All digital art. My favorite is the Tropical Jungle of course. I find the yellow anaconda adorable because somehow its face resembles my cat’s 😛

AfricanSafari IndianJungle TropicalJungle

Wild-dogs Uakari Tamarin star-turtle macaws gaur Croc chimp Chameleons


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This one is a long overdue post, but I was waiting for my copy of the book to arrive. Released at the end of August – This Side That Side is an anthology of graphic narratives on Partition from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh; published by Yoda Press and Goethe Institut Delhi, curated by Vishwajyoti Ghosh. It feels great to be one among the 47 writers and illustrators to have contributed to this book. Karachi-Delhi Katha written by Sonya Fatah was the piece I illustrated. 14 pages of comic art made with glass marker pencil and white rotring pen deal with the dilemmas of a Hindu family living in Pakistan and a Bangladeshi maid trying to settle in Delhi.


01 02 03

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A bunch of Ruskin Bond books underwent some re-jacketing at Rupa. And I got to work on the cover illustrations for 3 of them. Two of them appear below while the third one is yet to be printed. I love the way the colors have turned out, and the emboss on the author’s name 🙂 Both these were entirely digital art.

GreatStories_01 GreatStories_02 Laughter-Omnibus

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Written by Nandini Nayar, Illustrated by me. A story about a little boy who’s playing hide & seek with his family.

Digital art.

Pg01 Pg02


Another Ruskin Bond book I illustrated for Red Turtle – Rupa’s children’s book imprint. Its a collection of very entertaining short stories that feature ghosts, animals, children, etc.

For this book I tried watercolor oil pastels for the first time. Yeah, it sounded oxymoronic to me too when I first read about it on Pia Meenakshi’s very helpful blog… but they do exist, and they work! 🙂

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